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British Govt Urges Italians to Get Ready for New UK Immigration Rules

British Govt Urges Italians to Get Ready for New UK Immigration Rules

Italian nationals who do not live by now in the United Kingdom or have rights under the Withdrawal Agreement will be required to meet some requirements, to apply for a visa through the new immigration system, in order to be able to study or work in the UK after January 1, 2021.

The announcement has been made by the United Kingdom government, as part of the country’s campaign to help citizens of the European countries get ready for the implementation of Britain’s Immigration System which will take effect from January 1, 2021, reports.

The UK’s new points-based immigration system has been created in an effort to treat people all over the world equally, giving priority to skills and talent of persons instead of focusing where a person comes from.

On December 31, the free movement between the European Union and the United Kingdom will be put to an end, while the EEA and Swiss citizens will no longer have the automatic right to live in Britain.

Authorities in the United Kingdom have launched several campaigns in different languages in order to inform citizens about the new rules that will take effect, once Britain’s transition period ends.

Citizens of European Union countries will be permitted to continue to visit Britain without being required to apply for a visa first and to stay there for up to 6 months.

“Our new system sends a message to the whole world that Britain is open for business. We want to continue to encourage top talent from around the world and indeed from Italy, to bring their skills to the UK,” Ambassador Jill Morris pointed out.

He also added that the UK wants to welcome talented students who come from Italy and “who will no doubt benefit from studying at our world-leading universities.

“It’s important Italians know about how changes will impact them coming to the UK, and I would urge everyone to take the time to see what they need to,” Ambassador Morris stressed.

Earlier this month, the UK government signed into law the Immigration Act, which ends the freedom of movement in the UK for European Union citizens, without registered residence, on December 31.

When British citizens no longer have EU passports, will be required to follow the rules of travel that follow all other third-country citizens, including passport rules, health insurance and a limited number of the days of stay in the EU. previously published an article regarding the new changes that will be applied for British nationals wishing to travel to European Union countries, after December 31.