Information for Visa Applications from South Africa
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Terms and Conditions merely acts as a Logistics Agent with the responsibility to receive from an applicant applying for a visa, the applicant's passport, completed visa form, supporting documentation and the applicable fees. is also responsible for submitting the application to the Embassy or Consulate, on behalf of the applicant, collecting the passport and supporting documents back from the Embassy or Consulate and returning the passport back to the applicant by hand delivery or courier to an address recorded by the applicant on the system. advise its clients to book but not pay for flights and tours. The granting of a visa and duration it takes is the poragative of the Embassy or Consulate, and has no control over it. do hereby declare that they have no role whatsoever in the assessment of a visa application, which is the sole prerogative of the Embassy or Consulate. Therefore, is not liable for any delay in the processing or rejection of the visa application. Whilst every precaution is taken while handling the passport of the applicant and important documents submitted in support thereof, due to unforeseen events and circumstances, the passport and documents may be lost in transit by accident, theft, natural calamities or any other reason, will not be liable or responsible in any manner to the applicant.