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Canadian Visa Application Information


Canadian Visa Application Information

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Canadian Visa Types & requirements

Temporary Resident/Visitor Visa (Business, Tourist and family visit)
  • Paper/physical submission

  • Application Process: Applications are prepared and submitted to the embassy visa center. VisaRequest is able to schedule submission appointments and submit for those that already have submitted bio-metric data before OR escort applicants that do not have biometric data to the

  • Visa Fee Single: R 2250

Please provide proof of hotel/Airbnb/guesthouse/lodge booking confirmation. All traveller's names have to reflect on the bookings and dates should cover the entire duration of travel.

Provide an invitation letter declaring proof of accommodation with a private host. The following are required with an invitation letter: A signed host declaration form (if applicable), a copy of the host's identity card or passport (copy of the information page), and the inviter's proof of residence.

Duly complete all required sections, print and sign the form.

If unable to visit the embassy or application centre, please provide a letter giving consent that third party can either submit documents or collect outcome your their behalf. Provide full details of the third party and have letter certified where possible.

Please complete and sign the collection authorisation form to allow a third party to collect your passport from the Embassy or Application centre after they made their decision.

Please fill in your relevant details and sign the Declaration of the Consent Form. This form is mandatory in order to successfully submit the application.

Please provide a certified copy of the marriage certificate and certified copy of the passport of the spouse with proof of their legal stay in the South Africa (employment letter or work permit).

Provide a certified colour copy of the inviter's identity document or passport information page (if not a citizen of the country of application).

Provide confirmed bookings of Round Trip flight ticket from South Africa to a Schengen state. All transfers (flight/ferry/train/bus/taxi) showing entry & exit from Schengen states between each other must be provided. Name of the applicant must appear on all proof of transport. All confirmed car rental bookings must equally be provided. If the applicant is being collected by EU resident abroad, a copy of the EU's drivers licence, car registration details and a short letter of confirmation of pick-up and drop-off details will be necessary.

Flight reservation or intended itinerary. DO NOT pay for flights until visa has been granted.

A certified copy of their full, unabridged birth certificate (displaying the father and mother's names), a certified authorisation letter from both parents stating that they are giving consent for the child/children to travel out of South Africa, and certified copies of both parents' passport information pages.

If applicable, please save, fill in accordingly, and have certified.

Provide a copy of the inviting party passport information page or ID

Please provide a valid passport with at least 6 months validity with a minimum of two blank pages available (preferably adjacent to each other). Travellers are encouraged to have many blank pages to avoid inconveniences such as mistaken stamping or if there will be entering through multiple immigration points that require stamping. Passport should be in good condition with no tears or stains.

Please provide the original expired passport with previous or existing visas

Two recent colour passport size photos (35x45). Photographs should have a white background: 1. Both ears must be visible. 2. No smiling or teeth showing. 3. No Glasses, 4. Ensure that photo does not have any red-eye effects. You may not use photo older than six months and that have been used for a previous visa.

Latest three months' personal bank statement showing the amount available in the account, the name of the applicant and stamped by the bank. All bank statements in Afrikaans must be accompanied by a signed and stamped visa letter from the bank on bank letterhead, in English, confirming the account holder has enough funds to travel.

Provide documents attesting to the income status of the applicant and inviting person: such as Payslips for 3 months

If you have assets such as Property or Investments, please provide mortgages, title deeds or any other documentary evidence

Provide the latest three months' bank statement of sponsor and letter from sponsor attesting to the fact that they will sponsor the Employee/College student on their trip abroad. The bank statement should have a clear name and details of the account holder. If the bank statements are in the name of a company for a sole proprietor or a trust, then the applicant/sponsor must provide company registration documents or trust documents showing that they are a member of the company or the trust.

Provide a letter from your employer on a company letterhead, signed by a manager, confirming employment and that the applicant will resume his/his position after the trip. The applicant's full name (as per passport), gender, date of birth. designation, and passport number must reflect on the invitation letter along with the purpose of visit. The letter should indicate their monthly salary, employment start date, specific places that will be visited, arrival and departure dates, purpose of the trip, and a statement confirming who is covering the costs of the trip.

If self-employed: Provide a certificate of incorporation from the company in South Africa.

All non-South African passport holders should provide a certified copy of their SA resident's or work permit.

Provide a certified copy of work/resident’s permit to be in SA, a certified copy of marriage certificate if married to an SA passport holder, certified copies of children’s birth certificates, a police affidavit from partner confirming you will be traveling to the Schengen country and will return back, a police affidavit from yourself explaining why are traveling to Schengen country, proof of residence in South Africa, a daily itinerary of what you will be doing in the Schengen country(s), and a leave approval letter from employer.

Provide a signed and stamped letter on letterhead from the institution that that applicant attends.

Provide a signed invitation letter from the inviting company or host on company letterhead with complete details of the purpose of the trip, details of traveller (full name and passport number), and contact details of the host (full name, contact number, email address, and physical address). The inviter should express who is responsible for covering the cost of the trip.

  • Visa Fee Multiple: R 2250

  • How to apply: The application process for a Canada visa is as follows: 1) Download the application form, complete the application form, print and book an appointment via VFS Canada 2) Gather your documents 3) Finalise your application in person. Visa applications are submitted through the VFS Canada application center.

Canadian Embassy in South Africa

Frequently Asked Questions about visa applications for Canada

For application submission appointments are scheduled using the Canada VFS Global website.
Canada visa applications are applied for at the VFS application centres located in Pretoria and Capetown.
Application processing time may vary, thus it is important to track progress on the application centre website.
A Single or multiple entry temporary resident visa costs $CAN 100 and an additional $85 if biometrics are required. Application centre fee is settled at the appointment by credit/ debit card.
Canada visa validity is granted based on individual assessment of a visa application. Visa validity can be granted for a period of 1 year up to 10 years
You may use a third party agent to assist you with the visa application process and submission. If you have not had biometric data collected for Canada visa, you will need to be present at submission appointment. For subsequent applications, you will use
Visa rejection reasons for Canada may vary for subject to the assessment of individual applications however the reasons revolve around 3 main factors namely misrepresentation of facts, Failure to meet sufficient requirements and failure to provide suffici
If the application is rejected, an applicant may reapply for Canada visa as soon as they have made the necessary corrections based on reasons for rejection given in the rejection letter. This will be a new application that requires all documents to be res
Canada visa fees for application are to be paid online on the IRCC website and centre fee is settled on submission.

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